For students, dream is… after graduate, they can get a decent job in big cities

For parents, dream is… seeing their children grow, be a person that can bring smile for others

For ordinary man, dream is… having enough time and money so they can go overseas freely

For single, dream is… having a girl/boy friend that can match each other, growing in love with his/her mate

For blind people, dream is… seeing the color of the world

For children with disabilities, dream is… having time to play football with friends, having time to hang out with friends just like a normal child

Dream, everyone has a right to have one
Even it seems impossible
But it’s not a mistake to live with it
Just follow the dream that God put in our heart
And let the dream shape the beauty within ours
Let our dream bring smile and hope to others…

Just reminder for me and for you…

Just reminder for me and for you…

A best friend,
is someone,
when you are busy thinking,
maybe bcoz something went wrong before,
and he/she will smile at you,
and says “Hey, what’s up? Why so serious?”



AOYAMA by ksnyan_1975 on Flickr.